One music production tip

My production tip would be to listen what the artist want, when you work hired by an artist you must find the way of interpret and respect what he or she wants and needs, then you can add your vision. It’s like a game where you let the artist control you to get to some place where everybody will be comfortable.

Type of music I usually work on

The types of music may vary. Actually I’m playing Beat, Surf, Rock and Rockabilly, like 1960s with my band Wasabis. With other artists I played Rock and roll, Reggae, Ska, English Pop, Punk rock, Rumba and Flamenco, World music, a little bit of Manu Chao’s cumbia style, Italian music and some lounge tracks.

My strongest skill

My strongest skill is how I interpret the track with my own style. Groovy, bold and human. From the technique view, I’m a self instructed and I have a strong connection with the instrument. If your expectations are in the way you want some Vinnie Colaiuta style, or those drummer who read, make Single Stroke Roll, Double Stroke Roll, Single Paradiddle, Double Paradiddle, Single Stroke Seven, Flam Tap…I’m not the guy.

What I bring to a song

I’m a music fan, been listening and enjoying music all my life. I appreciate a lot of genres and styles. I like the challenges too, think outside my box and go beyond. I’m a service guy, I like to provide best and quality. If the composer let me, I have my style, my footprint, my stamp. I know with simplicity and good taste I can add my own approach, whatever be the genre, I can be wild or mild…Where the song take me, I’ll be there.

My typical work process

Once composers contact me, we talk about the track and the mood, the sound, the style and I ask for a reference if they have one. Then I record and I send it a stereo mix looking forward their reply. If they like it, I can send it mixed, or track by track, even the Logic session if they work with this DAW. I’m always open to do another version of the track if they don’t like what I sent.

My studio setup

I’m always looking the way of improving my home studio. Right now I’m using an Audient Sono + Presonus Digimax LT + Apogee Mini Me. I have a AKG D12 (Vintage) for the Bass drum, two AKG C1000e, one Aston Origin, one MXL customized and three SM57. Sometimes I use an Ampex pre and I have three more Siemens pres looking for vintage sounds.

Drummers who inspire me

There is a lot of drummers who inspire me, starting with Stewart Copeland, my brother Ariel Topo Raiman, Ringo Star, Keith Moon, Steve Jordan, Charley Drayton, Joey Castillo, Steve Ferrone, Sterling Campbell.

The most common type of work I do for my clients

Mostly of my sessions was in studios, but in 2020 I started to record in my home studio. I participate on collaborations with other composers, even producing and mixing the entire track.