The best universe

I’m a drummer since 1990, in this 34 years I played mainly Rock music, also played Punk Rock, Flamenco, World music, Reggae, Italian music.
Right now I’m playing BeatSurf with my band “Wasabis”.
On this page there is a selection of my recordings and performances. I invite you to enjoy all my stuff on my YouTube channel.


Wasabis has been my stable band since 2013. We played “BeatSurf” mixing styles and sounds typical of the 60’s particularly used at the beginning of the decade during the musical explosion in Hamburg, and we mixed it with the last era of Dick Dale in Los Angeles during 2009 achieving a vintage sound and a particular composition.
We have released three albums.
We also contributed to the 5 compilations of “Melodías animadas al Ataque” with songs like “You are the one that I want (Grease)”, “From tip to toe (Pink Panther)”, “Get Smart”, “Mazinger Z” and “Top Cat“.

“with garcía” is a Wasabis Charly Garcia’s tribute.
This is an EP with 4 versioned covers recorded on my studio during 2023.

“Sake it!” is our first LP with 12 original tracks. Recorded on 2019 in ION Studios and mastered in FDT by Hernán Agrasar.

“Grandes Éxitos” is our second album, it’s an EP with 4 original compositions.
Recorded in 2016.

“Espantafanes” is our first album where we cover songs by various bands taking ownership and giving it our style.
Recorded in 2014.

Recording “Going on” (2024).

Recording “Tsukemono” (2020).

“Keitsatsu Surf” live performance. Fixing problems during the show (2019).

Los Andes

Los Andes, Seba Rubin and Juan Marioni’s band.
They invites me to record on many of their productions playing drums and add from my musicality.

Los Andes ” Julie” (2022).

My participation on
the album “Backgammonesque”, (2022).

Drums recordings for
“Eight miles high”,
Los Andes (2020).

Drums tracking for “Nada como vos”, Los Andes (2023).

Beatrice Inferno

“Beatrice Inferno” It’s the solo project of Gastón Gonçalves, bass player of “Los Pericos”. For 1 year I played live and recorded two songs.

Beatrice Inferno “Melodías Animadas al ataque” (2018).

Recording “Estoy pensando en vos” (2018).

Beatrice Inferno “Estoy pensando en vos” (2018).

Live presentation of first album “Morámonos todos” (2018).

Los Pinguos

Los Pinguos is a band born in Buenos Aires and based in Los Angeles. Throughout its history I have recorded many albums and played live in dozens of shows.

Los Pinguos “California” (2008).

Recorded in Los Angeles by Cheche Alara (2003).

“El Sereno” was included in the album “11 11” (2008).

First album of Los Pinguos (2001).

Los Pericos (replacing the drummer “Topo”)

Playing with Los Pericos (2016).

Playing with Los Pericos (2016).

Playing with Los Pericos (2018).


“Going round” Immersification Music
recorded at my studio. (2024).

“Chumbo”, recorded at my studio. (2024).

Drums collaboration Greenpeace documentary (2023).

Don Ramón, recorded at “El pie” studios and produced by Axel Krieger (2007).

Rubin y los subtitulados, recorded at “Fuera del Túnel” studios (2004).

Grand Prix, recorded at “Fuera del Túnel” studios (2002).

Adella’s Project, recorded at “Fuera del Túnel” studio (2008).

De La Risa (1998).

René Lagarto (1994).

A little bit of fun…

Playing with my friends of
“Leche en Polvo”.

Drum solo before record session.

Recording with T grip.

Wasabis Live at Mutar Bar in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2016).